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Date: Fri Mar 19 16:57:23 1999

At 12:04 PM 3/18/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>So someone needs to create another web site that is the opposite
>>of what eBay provides. A site where you can advertise that you're
>>looking for an Exidy Sorcerer computer, and woould be willing to
>>pay about $15 plus $10 shipping. I suggest you call this new

Ph sure, and if I (john doe) had an exidy, I would look at your listing,
then head over to eBay and post it with a $15 min. bid. Then I would send
you an e-mail saying I had one on ebay.

>service which protects the buyer and the seller, by ensuring the funds and
>the merchandise as represented are there and by ensuring the parties
>complete the transaction to which they're supposedly committed, would be
>VERY valuable and would take a BIG bite out of Ebay's share. That's not an

Sure, they're called Christies, Sotheby's, Butterfield and Butterfield...
(Or did you want to pay an extra $10 to guarantee that $10 sale?)

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