Western Digital PASCAL microengine / p-system.

From: Dean Billing <drbilling_at_ucdavis.edu>
Date: Fri Mar 19 18:29:36 1999

Concerning p-machines:
>At 08:19 AM 3/19/99 -0500, John Ott wrote:
>>I am interested in learning more about p-machines. Does anyone have
>>some references, faqs or web sites that would help?
>I have an aging UCSD Pascal history page at my online computer museum:
><http://www.threedee.com/jcm/>. I'd love to get a Microengine someday.
>- John

I vaguely remember that the Western Digital p-machine microengine was based
on the chipset that Western Digital made for DEC to build the LSI-11/2, just
different microcode. Does anyone actually have some documentation for this
board or board set?

I have also been scanning all of the WEB sights that have information about
UCSD PASCAL and obsolete and disappeared computers and I find no reference
to Sage Computer Technology of Reno, NV. They made the Sage II/IV systems
that came with UCSD PASCAL installed. They were M-68000 based systems and
probably ran other operating systems too. Anybody remember them?

-- Dean
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