Security question (sort of)

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sat Mar 20 00:20:55 1999

I'd certainly like to know what kind of a virus and what kind of chip that
would be. There's little programmable logic on a modern PC, and none of it,
if the board is jumpered as it should be, can be changed by accident or

Please correct me, with details, please, if I'm wrong.


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>On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, Jason Willgruber wrote:
>> The serial ports are no longer recognized ANYWHERE - in the BIOS, in DOS,
>> MSD, Windows, anything. I have already re-installed Windows.
>> A virus planted by a hacker can damage hardware by "eating" at the chips,
>> just scrambling the code in the chip. (I know someone (Ironically, it's
>> sister of the person that did this to my computer), who's keyboard
>> controller chip got scrambled.
>Well, again, unless someone comes forth to edumacate me, there's typically
>no way to destroy hardware from software, unless you count that POKE from
>BASIC on the PET. Also, maybe monitors I guess since you can ruin one by
>running it at the wrong sync rate or what not. But you can't send a "bug"
>out to go munch on a "chip". C'mon, you've been watching that movie
>_Hackers_ too much.
>What you probably need to do is reset your BIOS. He probably put a BIOS
>scrambler trojan in your AUTOEXEC.BAT or something. It then executed when
>you reboot and fricked up the BIOS.
>> If you noticed the red text on the top of the page, I have removed all of
>> the images. I just didn't feel like deleting all the links.
>Well, you only had them up there for a day. From the time I got your
>message to the time I checked the page was only a few hours.
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