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From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sat Mar 20 11:34:54 1999

I got the following (quoted) email in response to an inquiry regarding my couple of IMSAI parallel I/O boards. Their hit counter listed me as #13. I hope that's not an omen. The site is clearly a work in progress. If they see the direction the PC world is going, i.e. no expansion slots for us to use, they may actually see a market for the product types they sold twenty years ago. Who knows??

It's definitely worth a visit to the site < > even if it's just for nostalgia.

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    Over the years, I've been separated from my documents, or parts of my documents for the PIO-4 and PIO-4 boards. While, on the surface, these are quite transparent to understand, There are features, e.g. the 26-conductor connector at the top of the PIO-6, the purpose of which is not clear. Perhaps publishing the document for these boards will clear up my questions, which I'll bet are not unique.
    Dick Erlacher
    Hi Dick,
    I'll see if I can get the PIO-6 info active tomorrow. That center connector brought out the bus control signals to complement the latched bi-directional signals for the other two connectors. If you're not already doing so, go to: http:/ since this is the new URL for IMSAI. Thanks for your interest.
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