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From: Jason Willgruber <roblwill_at_usaor.net>
Date: Sat Mar 20 22:02:02 1999

You know, this is exactly the reason that I left the last mailing list. I
mention that I'm only 16 years old, and ask a simple opinion such as "what
would you do if your computer was hacked into?", and I get stuff like this.
John, don't you think you could have been tactful enough to either send this
directly to Sellam or to me??

As for my "security reasons", the pictures were removed so that certain
people would not see them. They were posted for exactly 45 minutes. If you
feel that you need to see them, email me, and I'll gladly send them to you.

As for those of you addressing a BIOS problem, you are wrong. First of all,
I could no longer enter the CMOS setup- the computer would freeze.
Secondly, I bought a new AMIBOIS chip at the computer show today, and
installed it in the motherboard. Booted, reconfigured, re-ran Windows
setup. No serial ports detected (yes, I am smart enough to enable them in
the CMOS setup). Windows says that the secondary controller of the dual IDE
controller is "not present or not working properly" - yes, it is enabled in
the CMOS.

Answer me this question, John -- How am I supposed to access the Internet
with the modem unplugged? My computer can't be hacked into when I'm not on
the Internet, so I really don't think that's going to be a feasible
solution, is it? Same goes for the hold button.

I will say once again that I do not have a Windows configuration problem,
and if someone on the list feels like sending me a check for $1600 for a new
computer, I'll gladly have it thrown off the top of the Empire State
Building, provided that you pay the top Ebay list price and shipping for it.

And with this, I take my classic computing questions elsewhere.

Flame away.--
         -Jason Willgruber
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From: John Amirault <amirault_at_epix.net>
To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Date: Saturday, March 20, 1999 7:27 AM
Subject: Re: OT: Re: Security question (sort of)

>If you read the RED words at the top of Jason's web page it says all the
>pictures have been removed "FOR SECURITY REASONS". I for one do not know
>what type of "SECURITY REASONS" he has, maybe he will enlighten us all.
>AS 1. DESK TOP, 2.NETWORK SERVER(in my opinion not a good choice) 3. I
>can't remember right now as I am on my 486 _at_ my girlfriends. If Jason is
>using Windoze 98 or any OS he can check his MANUAL to find out about
>security. When Jason is off line he can unplug his modem and NO ONE can
>hack into his computer. Another thing you can do if you don't want to
>keep plugging and unplugging is get a hold button from someplace like
>"Radio Shack" and put it inline on your modem line and then when you
>hang up push the button to place the computer on "hold", that is the
>phone line is physically disconnected from the computer by a switch.
>Jason, please take this cordially as it is intended to HELP not to
>chastise. I am sure there are many people out there that know much more
>than I do about computers and I hope that they will share some knowledge
>with you.
>John Amirault
>Sellam Ismail wrote:
>> On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, Max Eskin wrote:
>> > On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, Jason Willgruber wrote:
>> > >Check out my website:
>> > >
>> > >http://members.tripod.com/general_1
>> > >
>> > In summary, it caused damage to the serial ports. Any computer whose
>> > hardware can be damaged by software in this way should be thrown off
>> > Empire State Building.
>> I think what Jason may not have initially realized (and maybe still not
>> yet even) is that his Windows system configuration files got screwed and
>> therefore his serial ports are no longer accessible under windows. As
>> as I know, its impossible to physically damage a serial port through
>> software unless you make it possible by building a device whose soul
>> purpose is to electrically short pins on the serial port on command. And
>> of course, no sane persson would go through the trouble.
>> So all he really needs to do is probably go into the Cntrol Panel, select
>> System, then go to ports, remove the old serial ports (if they are still
>> there) then add them again. Or maybe let windows find them for you with
>> the Add New Hardware icon.
>> BTW, I checked out the web site but all the links are bad. They all end
>> up at a Tripod "page not found" page.
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