"new" classics (was Re: Pre-history of Digital Research)

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Sun Mar 21 17:20:55 1999

<> Homebrewing is a lost pasttime for the most part. I want to bring it
<> back, at least for myself.
<It's different now, you use different chips & environment. But now you can
<define your own cpu & peripherials, what is somekind of fun.

Actually while that is true you far from limited to that. I'm building a
Z280 system, the parts of which were found from old PC motherboards and disk
controllers. A little torch work to remove them or their sockets netted
Simm sockets, PLCC and other chip sockets and the z280s were socketed to
start with.

Also parts like FPGAs depending on type are easily programmable so that
custom parts are doable on modest budgets.

If anything it's better than ever... Now to get that PDP-8 clone project
going. ;)

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