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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sun Mar 21 13:44:31 1999

On 21 Mar 99 at 10:19, Sellam Ismail wrote:

> On Sun, 21 Mar 1999, Lawrence Walker wrote:
> > Would stand to reason AES would be a Canadian company. Dorsey now heads
> > Voice and Data Systems. A major player in packet technology. Sounds like a
> > minor version of Corel's Cowpland. Yes Virginia ,Canada does have a computer
> > aristochracy. I'm also wondering if there was any relationship to the MCM-90
> > that alledgedly pressured IBM into producing the PC by cutting into their
> > insurance company market.
> Wow, someone else who's heard this information. But as I was told, it was
> the MCM-70, which was a "portable" computer with integrated CRT, keyboard
> and tape drive, and APL in ROM that got IBM worried about a competitor
> muscling in on its business, so they answered with the 5100.
> Sellam Alternate e-mail:

 Actually, I'm referring to a quote from you about this. We may be starting a
whole new genre of "retrogressive vapor-ware" :^))
 The name however sounds suspiciously similiar to the MICOM 2000 and Dorsey
would have been one of the few up here at the time with the smarts and money to
have started up a venture such as that. He had started and sold his share of
AES in March 75 and started MICOM. Sales the first year were in the order of $2
million. Might be worthwhile to check him out at V&DS. A possible speaker at
Vintage 99 ? I wonder if Kevin Stumpf has any info on this ? Kevin ??

ciao larry
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