11/44 9trk help Update

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_netcom.com>
Date: Sun Mar 21 23:48:51 1999

  Well... never underestimate the efficacy of cursing loudly and
throwing random things.

  I have discovered that the 11/44 te11 does not play well with the
Cipher 880, tho I could make it do everything but actually read and

  I have discovered that there is a certain amount of 'connector
ambiguity' as per usually with DEC stuff... the proper orientations
were of course the last ones I tried, after mis-reading the pin
numbers on the Pertec formatter twice.

  And wahoo! I can PIP files to and fro, and, scenes from my
childhood computer dreams... I can watch the reels turning and
incrementing. Too much fun!

  Thanks to all who have responded privately and I'm looking forward
to more info here on The List or by e-mail.

  NOW: I have some DECUS tapes I would like to explore, but they are
archived in .DSK format. I can run RT11 from within RSTS okay, but I
have no idea how to un-do a .DSK. Any Help from someone here?

  And what a wonderful roar all this stuff makes...


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