Big Commodore PET Haul - trades? for sale?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 06:45:02 1999

--- Lawrence LeMay <> wrote:
> > Hmm.... I _do_ have a 25Mhz NeXT slab
> Hmm, what is required to duplicate an OS disk for an old NeXT cube?
> memory serves, they used some sort of optical disk.

NeXT cubes did ship with an optical disk. I have a slab. It has room
inside for a 3.5" SCSI disk and has a 2.88Mb floppy for removable
It is monochrome and otherwise resembles (from point of view of the
software that runs on it) a faster version of the cube.

I haven't seen a cube up close since they first came out. Perhaps
people wanted to find out if the case really was made of magnesium
and set them on fire? :-)


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