Seller's market

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 18:02:20 1999

Yes I would like to work on something like this. If everyone on this or as
many as possible would just e-mail the local prices in their area to a
central place then a list could be made available to the group and later
others. This way you could list prices by area, say on the west coast
computer A goes for this amount and the same computer on the east coast goes
for this amount. I would be willing to keep the database or spreadsheet with
the info. What does everyone think ? John

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> I guess what we need is a definite authoritative price list for classic
> computers like the becket for baseball cards or the blue book for
> cars etc.
> This could be a collective or individual effort.
> Any takers?
> Francois.
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