BDV11 - which ROMs ?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 18:46:29 1999

<>Here are the details: M8012-YA card with two ROMs labelled:
<>Given the other stuff that was tossed out with this card I suspect either
<>an RL01 boot rom or an RX02 boot ROM ...
Ok, with the book infront of me...

First Qbus-11s boot at 173000,
        the BDV-11 provides rom from 173000-->173776 (512 bytes),
            the roms are larger than 512bytes,
                Most boots are smaller than 512bytes!

So those roms contain,

    Boot time diagnostic and one of the folowing:

        RK05 (DKn)
        RL01/2 (DLn)
        RX01 (DXn)
        RX02 (DYn)
        MOPboot via (DUV11, DLV11-E, DLV11-F) (for 23-045E2/046E2 romset)
         or user supplied rom with boot.

the board also supplies a halt/enable switch, Restart switch and BEVENT-L
disable. the leds are power OK and diagnostic error.

Handy board for Qbus 11 building where the cpu is LSI11(M7264),
LSI11/2(m7270) or 11/23(m8186). The later M8189 (11/23b) and 11/73 cards
have rom on board.

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