Pro-350 anyone?

From: David C. Jenner <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 18:57:09 1999


Zane's earlier comment is right on. I have a 380, and it's a semi-alternative
to an 11/23 or 11/73. Although it uses the same chip as the 11/73, its bus
(CTI=Computing Terminal Interconnect) is pretty slow; I think it's an 8-bit
bus that multiplexes everything.

The main advantage to a 350 or 380 is that you can get complete software,
either the P/OS system (RSX-11M-) or Venix, completely free and legal on
the 'Net.

All Pros have the ethernet connector on the back, but they don't necessarily
have an adapter (DECNA) inside. Look to see if it has a card with the number
000042 on its handle. A 350 will typically have: a floppy adapter, a hard
drive adapter, 0 or 2 graphics cards, 0 or more memory cards, ethernet card,
etc. You can also add memory with a daughter board on the motherboard without
using any of the 6 slots. If you want a memory daughter board, let me know--
I have a couple of extra ones.

Look inside and tell me the numbers. I can tell you what they are.


Chuck McManis wrote:
> Of what use is a DEC Pro-350?
> I just picked one up that seems to have all its boards, it has an RX50
> drive (on a DEC Sled so I could slot it into the uVax) and a Seagate ST-251
> on another sled. When powered up it makes the disk wiggle but it didn't
> come with a keyboard or a monitor so I have know idea what its doing.
> I remember someone asking about ethernet as well. This unit has an ethernet
> connector on the back.
> --Chuck
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