Pro-350 anyone?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 22:32:53 1999

<Zane's earlier comment is right on. I have a 380, and it's a semi-alternat
<to an 11/23 or 11/73. Although it uses the same chip as the 11/73, its bu
<(CTI=Computing Terminal Interconnect) is pretty slow; I think it's an 8-bi
<bus that multiplexes everything.

Not correct. CTI is very nearly qbus with some simplifications. It is
however 16bit.

What slows them is the terminal emulation running concurrently and also the
disk controllers for both the floppy and the hard disk are SLOW.

Still for single user stuff they are ok. For multiuser version of Venix or
Unix the serial port and a termianl is far faster!

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