BDV11 - which ROMs ?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 22:33:27 1999

<Ok, now the "panel" if you can call it that on the PDP-11/03 BA11-N has
<three switches as well (restart (momentary), Halt, and Aux). I assume that
<these are connected in some way to the BDV11 internally? tracking the
<ribbon cable isn't easy on this chassis.

No. they both interact at the bus level so that ribbon from the FP goes to
the PS or backplane depending on BA11 model.

So you can disable the LTC using either switch (watchout for that too.)
and reset/restart using either.

If you have all three cpus go with the m8186 (11/23A) as it has memory
management and is faster. If the Backplane is Q22 or modified to be Q22
and the BDV11 is also modded then 4mb of ram is possible otherwise your
limited to 256k (for most PDP-11 stuff that is plenty!).

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