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Date: Tue Mar 23 22:28:47 1999

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> > E-Bay banned fire arms for two reasons:
> Are these reasons official?
> > First, they couldn't do the background checks or check for stolen
> A legally valid reason, but likely an excuse.
> The first is a given, but its not an excuse, its the law.

When did this become law? State laws vary, but Texas has no such
requirement concerning private sales.

So that this message will have some on-topic content:

I have some Cyrix 386 to 486 clock-doubled upgrade microprocessors.
Box says it upgrades the 386DX-16, 20 and 25 Mhz.
Part number is Cx485DRx2-25/50. Three of them in shrinkwrap, 1 opened,
I have no clue if it was ever used.
Best offer within the next few days.

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