PS/2s nicer than expected; some questions

From: Marvin <>
Date: Wed Mar 24 01:23:52 1999

Mark Gregory wrote:
> 3) I'm having some trouble with the P70. Originally, it wouldn't boot at
> all. I ran the diagnostics from the Reference Disk, and all tests were
> passed. I re-ran the Auto Configuration with no errors. I installed PC-DOS
> 6.3, and formatted the built-in HD at the same time. Everything seems fine,
> but the system won't boot from the hard drive alone. If I boot with a
> floppy in the drive, I can access the HD and run programs off of it. But
> without a floppy, nothing works. Any ideas?

It sounds like the disk was fdisked, but then the main dos partition was not
made active. A less desireable alternative is that the system tracks on the
HD are bad. You could also try "fdisk /mbr".
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