CBM bonanza!

From: Lance Lyon <black_at_gco.apana.org.au>
Date: Wed Mar 24 19:14:24 1999

As anyone who follows any of my posts knows, I'm a dedicate Commie
collector-freak. Well, today I scored the jackpot. Went to Glenorchy Tip
Shop, one of the women that works there grabbed me & took me out the
back (no, my luck hadn't changed) & said "I've been keeping something
for you". Some business that had been holding old Commodore inventory
dumped 12 removalist boxes (tea chest size) on 'em.... For $50 I
scored 6 1571's, 3 1581's, 4 Commodore 128D's, three more 64C's, several
CBM modems (1670's), around 40 cartridges, two more MPS 803 printers,
two VIC 20's, two Xetec CBM to Centronics adaptors & a multitude of VIC,
C64 & C128 software.... everything was still boxed & plastic

This'll keep me happy for ..... ohhh.... a week or two :-)

(Time to open a Commodore museum I reckon, the house no longer has any
room ....... & my partner is threatening to move out.... oh well, the
'puter are more entertaining anyway.....)

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