More details was: HP stuff

From: Megan <>
Date: Wed Mar 24 10:28:36 1999

>I'd need the part number to be sure... but... if that's what I think it
>is you're a very lucky camper.

>That sounds like the HP Network Analyzer. It is sold as a Laptop unit
>with custom HP network monitoring software.

It is an HP4972A... Lan Protocol Analyzer

        68010 processor
        Bootrom 4.0
        HP98628 at 20
        2096992 bytes

>If that's what I think it is - it is a CURRENT product, and sells for
>anywhere from $15,000.00 to $60,000.00 depending on the options it has.

wow... I didn't know that...

I'm still using it at work... but need for it is waning a little, what
with FDDI, Token Ring, ATM, etc... (unless it has options for other
network media)

I'll have to find out what price I might be able to get it for when/if
it is excessed... it may be beyond me...

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