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Date: Thu Mar 25 07:33:35 1999

<> I was thinking that the important part of all this is just to get
<> SOMETHING started. Don't worry about all the costs of going all out to
<> create a computer museum type organization. Just start out with what yo
<> can to begin with. Even if that means a garage party every month among
<> local collectors then that's a good start. From there, people will get

>Therein lies the essence of getting going. Inspired comment.

>Right now Megan and I seem to be the most voluminous collectors on the
>eastern MA area and we are close to each other. To get something going
>needs critical mass greater than two.

Hmmm... does anyone remember 'progressive dinner parties'? You'd get
a group of friends interested in dinner, and you'd go from one house
where you'd have one part of the meal, to another where you would have
the next part, and so on...

What about something like that for viewing collections... It would
have to be a limited number of people at any one time, obviously...

I'd definitely have to clean up... :-)

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