Mark-8 microcomputer - interview with Jon Titus

From: James Willing <>
Date: Thu Mar 25 10:13:12 1999

On Fri, 26 Mar 1999, Andrew Davie wrote:

> Hi Guys and Gals.
> No, I'm not "back" but thought you might like an interesting read.
> I've been working on interviewing Jon Titus, the creator of the first "home"
> computer, the Mark-8 Minicomputer - which was featured in the July 1974
> issue of Radio Electronics.

Very nice! Hope this might inspire more people to efforts like this. It
is a part of the history that really needs to be documented!

> ... One image, of
> the RE front cover - was sent to me or I grabbed it from some website - but
> alas I can't remember where or by whom. So, if it's yours please contact me
> and I'll talk to you about copyright/image theft, etc.

Well... judging from the file name, and the (not always subtle) Photoshop
cleanup work... B^} It came from my site. You are welcome to it
regardless. (at least as much as I can say that, not being a legal
representitive of Gernsback Publications) ;^}

Only thing I might suggest, would be the addition of a copyright
attribution. (which I do in the 'alt' fields of the image link)

> Without further ado, point your browser to
> I'd really like some feedback on this one - it's taken a fair bit of work!

I tried to reply but the mail bounced... In any case...

THanks for your efforts! A valuable insight!

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