Dayna File II

From: Phil Beesley <>
Date: Thu Mar 25 10:38:19 1999

On 25 Mar 99 at 12:21, Joe wrote:

> I found a couple of these surplus. They're external 5 1/4" floppy
> and appear to have a SCSI connector. Does anyone know what system they're
> for? Are they SCSI? What voltage and polarity is the external power
> supply? Any details appreciated.

These probably come under the ten year rule. The oldest ones could be
about twelve years old but they were made for several years.

They are for reading DOS format 5.25" floppies on a Mac. Dayna made
several variants for reading 360K and 1200K disks. I think that
you'l need a system extension as well as the hardware itself.The
drives should work on virtually any SCSI capable Mac, but they are
from the Mac II generation so don't be surprised if they're
incompatible with recent system software.

Dayna don't have a great record of supporting older hardware, alas.
However these things do pop up rather a lot and the power supply pin
outs have been posted on the comp.sys.mac.* news groups in the last
year or so, so check out DejaNews.

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