Mac Drives (was Re: FREE apple hard drive Re: Apple question

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Thu Mar 25 14:51:18 1999

At 03:20 PM 3/25/99 -0800, Jason Willgruber wrote:
>Does it have the cable to connect it to the computer?

Hmmm, someone seems to have walked off with it (which was ok since I marked
the stuff in the box as "free" :-) What is left in the box are a bunch of
external 3.5" floppies, three different styles:
        2 x "Fat" style (marked M0130)
        2 x "Thin" style with no eject button

        4 x "Thin" style with an eject button

        I've also got a 3rd party 40MB SCSI drive
                for the mac with 25->50Pin cable

        And two drives that appear to be SyQuest drives
        (one of which has an internal rattle)

If anyone wants these let me know, I've got zero interest in Mac stuff. If
you want to trade a Q-bus board or two or an OMNIBUS board then we can
cover our own postage costs but if you just want me to ship 'em then you'll
need to cover postage.

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