Seller's market

From: John Ruschmeyer <>
Date: Fri Mar 26 08:39:47 1999

> The point that seems to stick with me is that while some people complain
> vigorously about the high prices on eBay, the prices don't seem to be quite
> high enough to get them to part with similar items they have. ie the prices
> are more than they wish to pay, but not what they would be willing to sell
> for.

My vague feeling is that there is another, nebulous factor involved- something
akin to being purely mercenary versus wanting to see an item go to the
"right" home (with "rightness" being defined by the owner). I think that there
is also a little of the dilemma that any speculator has- What is the best
time to cash in.

I know I'm guilty of the latter. For a while, I've been considering getting
rid of a couple of my classics that I *never* get around to touching and,
so, every once in a while, I find myself checking the prices on similar
items, trying to decide if now is the time to go ahead and list them.

For those who are wondering: the two I'm thinking of parting with are:

1) Osborne 1, blue case, with DD controller and 80-column upgrade.

2) Lisa 2/10, working, with original manuals (but disk copies). Also has
   a Sun Remarketing SCSI board and MacWorks Plus.
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