Tandy 100 pile - could it be valuable?

From: Derek Peschel <dpeschel_at_u.washington.edu>
Date: Sun Mar 28 11:18:49 1999

Periodically I swing by Surplus Property here. It's very disappointing;
there hasn't been anything exciting in a few years. Also, the University
gets first dibs at surplussed things; whatever survives is auctioned off in
big lots. So whatever interesting things ARE there tend to either disappear
again or be sold with a pallet of uninteresting things.

Having said that, I did see a good amount of Model 100s and their
accessories (disk drives, manuals) and a couple of other Tandy things
(cassette recorders). Is any of this especially rare? Some machines might
be model 102s, since I saw the 102 tecnical manual. It would be a fair
amount of effort to get everything; I might be able to convince the surplus
people to make the Tandy stuff their own lot, but I'm not optimistic about

-- Derek
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