Rebirth of IMSAI

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sun Mar 28 21:06:26 1999

<I've been after the original spec's for the IMSAI pre-1977 bus timing, etc
<in case anyone has that data in shareable form.

Read the 8080 data sheet for the part running a 2mhz clock... the rest is
obvious to the point of painful.

<I've found the schematic for my IMSAI PIO-6 board but only half the manual
<fortunately with the schematic, of the PIO-4. I don't seem to have any bu
<timing informtion, though.

Thre wasn't any bus timing info published. The S100 bus was based on
the raw 8080 timing. All the bus was is the buffered 8080 signals plus a
few handy ones. A quick look at the processor board is everything.

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