The move is accomplished!

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Sun Mar 28 21:57:24 1999

At 09:58 PM 3/28/99 -0500, Megan wrote:
>>Now to go through the bring up for a machine that may have been sitting
>>for too long. Any thoughts out there on the 8F power supply? I plan to
>>pull all the cards and load it so I don't cook anything.
>Didn't a post come through here just earlier today about someone
>offering a pdp-8/f power supply for $30?

That would be Don Merz, I bought the 8/F front panel from him :-)

As for the power supply it depends on the vintage. If its the linear supply
(on 8/M's and 8/F's that would be before about 73 then you just have to
watch the caps. If its the switcher (mounted in the rear of the cabinet
with a panel that says "Don't operate for more than 15 minutes with the
cover removed" then the big danger is the switching transistors.

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