IBM 557 Alphabetic Interpreter??

From: James Willing <>
Date: Mon Mar 29 23:14:18 1999

At 08:37 PM 3/29/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Does anyone know what the function of an IBM 557 Alphabetic Interpreter
>Looks like a punch card sorter of some sort.

Not quite... The 557 interpreter reads and prints the content of a card
back onto the card, in a format of up to 60 print columns and on one of 25
selectable horizontal positions.

Thie was a more advanced model that the previous 548 and 552 models, and
had more available options. Some of these included:

(quoted from "IBM Machine Operation and Wiring - 2nd edition")

* Repetitive print for printing on detail cards the information read from
an X or NX master
* Proof checking of interpreting and other functions
* A second print entry that will permit one control panel to handle two
lines or two jobs
* A pre-sensing (control-X reading) station for use in selecting alphabetic
information and also for use in the repetitive-print operation
* Large type wheels and check protection (for printing checks)
Up to four selective stackers

So, why? Did you find one???


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