Oneac ON! computer

From: Richard W. Schauer <>
Date: Mon Mar 29 23:23:43 1999

Hi everybody-

First off my e-mail address changed. I used to be, now it's

Second, at the LAMARSfest yesterday at Grayslake IL (which was pretty
poor- a few expensive C=64's, lots of expensive PC clones, and not much
else), I got an Oneac ON! computer. (Actually somebody was holding a
"weird CP/M computer" for me there.) It's a black box about a foot square
by 3" tall, with no on/off switch, a huge capacitor inside across the
rectified mains to keep the switcher running for a while in case of power
failure, and serial console I/O. It has a ONFILE (basically a RAMdisk) of
2 MB, in 4256 DRAMs. A 5 1/4" DSQD floppy is permanently connected by
ribbon cable. It appears from the somewhat sketchy manual that it runs
ZCPR. Upon plugging it in and waiting 30 seconds, hitting CR gets a nice
main menu with choices of a (decent) monitor, initialize the ONFILE, run
Z-system, and a few other things. I can't get it to load from disk to
init the ONFILE yet but I didn't try very hard yet.

Has anyone even heard of this thing? It looks pretty neat. I hope I can
get it running.

Richard Schauer
Received on Mon Mar 29 1999 - 23:23:43 BST

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