Post-move diary

From: Megan <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 00:09:42 1999

Okay, since it has been a long time since I last did anything with a real
pdp-8, and since I did pdp-11s for some 20+ years, I decided to start with
what I knew... so I started examining the pdp-11/34a I got in the recent

Turns out that the system box has the cpu backplane, one DD11-DK (9 slot
backplane for taking 'small peripheral controller' (SPC) boards), and
one VT11 backplane.

Unfortunately, there is no power harness on the backplane, no boards in
the backplane, and no cable to attach the boards to the VR14 that I did

I think I may have a VT11 backplane with power harness and boards
somewhere in my 'warehouse' (a couple of closets).

The machine has the programmers console, but no memory.

In one of the boxes I got in the move, I got a couple of MS11-LB memory
boards, so I'll use one of them. I think I also got an FPU, but I'll need
to see if I got prints for the 11/34a to see where it goes and how it gets
connected (if it does). I don't have a cache board, so I'll be looking
for one of those.

I think I have an RL11 somewhere... but I'll need an RL drive. I may,
for the time-being, take one of the RL01s from the -8 system racks. I
also have an RUX50 controller and some RX50 disks, so I may try to get
that working... I might be able to boot the XXDP+ RX50 kit that I have
and do some system diagnostics.

That's it for now...

                                        Megan Gentry
                                        Former RT-11 Developer

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