ASR-33 Data Format?

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 11:06:41 1999

> Bzzzt! And thanks for playing. Actually this would be a reasonably good
> trivia question. The term 'baud' is used to indicate signalling states, the
> term 'bits' is used to represent transmitted data. The ASR-33 transmits 110
> signaling states (bauds) per second, out of every 11 one is a start bit,
> eight are data bits, and two are stop bits, thus the number of bits per
> second is actually 8/11 * 110 or 80 bits per second. When you use 8 bits to
> represent a character this is 10 characters per second.


In asychronous communication, the rated speed of the channel in bits per
second *includes* the start, stop, and parity bits.

The ASR-33 did transmit (and receive) 110 bits per second, even though
only 70 (not 80) were usable data.
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