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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 06:47:50 1999

On 29 Mar 99 at 2:25, Doug Spence wrote:

> On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, Lawrence Walker wrote:
> > > Would that Quebec company be Ogivar?
> >
> > That's the one. From the little I was able to find , they seemed quite
> > innovative.
> OK, Larry, cough it up. Who is Ogivar and what did they achieve? As a
> Quebecer I'd like to know all about them. Especially in case I run across
> any of their hardware. :)
> [I can see it now: "La Regie d'Histoire d'Informatique Quebecois". Maybe
> I'll propose it. :) :) :) ]

 Took a look thru my files and couldn't find the results of my search
 A simple search on Ogivar should turn up some stuff. I think they are still in
existence only under a different name. Based on his question I would suspect
Arlen Michaels who's in Ottawa has more knowledge of Olivar.
 Another interesting company is Lanpar which was formed by a couple of Northern
Telecom ex-employees. Lotus basicly stole their product and based 123 on
their video processes.
 There was no contest on this. Lotus had obviously done it . The suit against
Lotus however, was denied after 10 years of litigation, only on a
technicality in the registration of their original patent. I had one of their
terminals a while back but tossed it for lack of room. Now I regret it of
 Another beaver being gang-banged by the eagle ,donkey ,and elephant.
After so many years by the British bulldog, why not.

ciao larry
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