Thrift store loot, some left for others

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 15:56:49 1999

today was a good day at Amvets on Brighton Ave. in Allston/Brighton, MA. I
picked up 6 books on old computers, all of which are available is someone
wants them:
Minicomputer Systems: Organization, Programming, and Applications (PDP-11)
        This book is a russian translation of the above title, includes
        very in-depth explanation of PDP-11 (now I need one)
CODASYL: Data Description Language Committee
        Ditto. Could someone tell me what CODASYL is, though? This book is
        far too boring for me to figure it out myself...
Minicomputers in Data Processing and Simulation
        In English for a change, has in-depth explanation of computers
        and their components (including PDP-8, -11, HP and Varian
Fortran 77
        In Russian
Advanced Programming Techniques: A second course in programming using
        In Russian
Assembly Language Programming
        In Russian, for a Russian mini or mainframe (EC-EVM)

Here is what is still at the store:
        Osborne-1 with modem in perfect physical condition
        DEC Letterwriter 100 in perfect physical condition
        Advanced-looking book: Digital Signal Processing
        Lots of modern Borland and Microsoft programmer's manuals

--Max Eskin (
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