Vector Graphic range...

From: Francois <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 18:49:01 1999

Is the Vector3 also an S100 machine? If so: WOW I have an S100 machine and
didn't know about it! There is a small picture of it at the Sanctuary site
in the Miscelaneous part of the museum.
Visit the oh so neglected sanctuary at:

>Vector Graphic made a range of machines starting with the Vector I. I am
>familiar with all of them, but I believe they were all S-100 machines. The
>machines I have are the Vector 1, 3, 4, and MZ. I am not familiar at all
>with the Vector Graphic B; I would pick it up just out of curiousity. All
>the machines I have run CP/M. Are you talking about the UCSD P-System? If
>so, I didn't think that was an operating system, but rather something more
>like an interpreter.
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