PDP-11/34A rebuild project Was: Re: Post-move diary

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Tue Mar 30 19:34:23 1999

Upon the date 01:42 AM 3/31/99 +0100, Tony Duell said something like:
>> I just realized that one of the connectors I did find was one which
>> appeared to connect over-the-top with two boards. The other one I
>> found has three connectors, and the spacing between 1 and 2 is
>> different from that between 2 and 3... I presume it is because 1 and
>> 2 connect to the CPU and FPU in slots 2 and 3, and the third needs
>> extra space to connect to the Cache in slot 5...
>That sounds like the cache+FPU connector, and it's used like you said.

Exactly. Megan explained its appearance as I'd felt my previous msg
introducing it was getting too long. That's the H8822.

>There's a second connector with a different number of pins (I forget the
>details) that you _also_ need. It links the FPU to one of the CPU boards.

That's the 5412416.

Regards, Chris
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