bringing up an 8f...

From: Megan <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 22:37:31 1999

>Well I powered the PDP-8f tonight and guess what? The PS is toast.

Sorry to hear it...

>I'm not much surprized either. Anyhow this one has a hard short of the
>kind when power is turned off the room light dim. Next step is to pull
>it out of the case and inspect and meter it for where the short is.

oo... room lights dim? ouch...

>Anyone with a schematic? This one is the rear mounted style with the
>cover that says, do not operate with cover removed for more than 15
>minutes. Don't need the whole prints but only some things verified.

I have some print sets for the 8/e, 8/f, 8/m family... but they may
be pdp-8/e specific. I'll check for you...

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