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From: John Foust <>
Date: Wed Mar 31 14:47:10 1999

At 10:33 PM 3/31/99 +1, Hans Franke wrote:
>> > > >I think a list with only a zip code, name, which computer/other
stuff you
>> > > >collect should do it.
>> > > Please, zip/postal code, and country!
>> > Actually I think it should be zip/postal code, state/province, and
>> > City could be optional, actually any location info should be optional.

There must be a web site, somewhere, that would turn a place name
anywhere in the world into its latitude and longitude... it makes
for a great "computer rescue squad" function, too, as the person
could also volunteer their willingness to travel, and you could
alert people to a computer that was within their personal tolerable

Which reminds me, if you forward a "rescue this computer" message
to the list, it's so very helpful if you can fill-in the location
if it's not apparent from the message.

- John
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