PDP-11/34A rebuild project Was: Re: Post-move diary

From: Megan <mbg_at_world.std.com>
Date: Wed Mar 31 16:03:12 1999

>They go from the 10 pin connectors on the frontpanel control board
>(KY11B) to either the spare 10 pin connectors on the FPU next to the top
>connector or to the 2 10 pin blocks of the connector on the CPU
>(control?) board that the FPU top connector goes onto (this will make
>sense if you're looking at the machine). Again I can't remember the
>twists, but try it until maintenance mode works, I guess.

I figured that's what they did... but I didn't want to simply plug them
in without knowing which way was correct, and which way *might* let some
magic smoke escape...

I found the 10-pin ribbon cables in some sort of paddle board which is
marked as an FP11-A extender board... it has male and female connectors
of the type used to connect the CPU and FPU, but at opposite ends of the
board. It *also* has two sets of fingers, one of which is *obviously*
wire as a grant card... what the heck is this thing, and how is it used?

BTW - I found an extra set of KD11-EA processor boards... so I
tested them in my machine today and they worked fine. I'm glad to know
that I have some spares for the machine...

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