Monitor tilt - return it?

From: Charles E. Fox <>
Date: Wed Sep 1 09:04:12 1999

At 07:57 PM 8/31/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Primarily for nostalgic reasons, I want a 9" video monitor and terminal
>keyboard on one of my systems. I've had the Micro-Term ACT-IVa keyboard for
>some time, and recently got a 9" monitor to go with it.
>When I powered up the monitor and keyboard, I noticed that the display is
>slightly twisted (I think the correct term is trapezoid, where the distance
>from the top of the left end of the printed line to the top of the screen is
>not the same distance from the top right end of the same line to the top of
>the screen - the lines run downhill slightly).
>My question is - is this a tell-tale sign that indicates a worse problem is
>imminent? I don't mind the slight run downhill on the screen, but if that's
>a sign of worse to come, I'd just assume return the monitor and get a
>different one. There is no adjustment pot that I can see internal or
>external for this "twisting" effect.
>Thanks in advance!
>Jay West
        If the raster is rectangular, top and bottom edges parallel, but higher on
on e side than the other, the deflection yoke can be rotated on the neck of
the tube to align it. If the raster is "keystoned", top and bottom not
parallel, the yoke probably has shorted turns... get rid of it.


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