nasty chassis, surprise inside

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Sep 1 23:53:54 1999

I saw the rear end of a old Apple IIe peeking out of its burial in a big
box of misc junk, and for no good reason dug it out. What a junker, half a
dozen keys were missing, and the case looked like it had been on the bottom
of a lot of pallets. I could hear most of the cards were loose inside,
either pulled and left, or the unit was dropped upside down or something.

The power supply didn't look right, kind of squished with a fan on the top,
and no Apple logo. The words "hard drive" on it though prompted me to close
the case and go buy it. ;)

I took it home, blew out the dust, and reseated all the cards. Then plugged
it in. INSTANT booting, must be some kind of rom card, then the hard drive
spun up, and I have two apparently emulated hard floppies, slot 7 drives 1
and 2. Its a Applied inginuity drive and controller, Ramworks card, Hayes
modem, and a couple other cards. Nasty looking little bugger, (the case and
keyboard are junk and will be replaced), but fast, fast, fast.
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