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From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Thu Sep 2 02:40:08 1999

Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net> wrote:
> Sounds like a HP 7221 plotter with paper feed. I have one of them and a
> 9874 that's similar but has a HP-IB inteface. Someone dropped the 9874 on
> one corner and bent the whole thing out of kilter. I've tried everything
> but I can't get it to feed paper right. The framne is too heavy to try and
> straighten out. Perhaps if I took it to someone that has a puller for
> straightening car frames .....

I think you must be referring to the HP 9872. They sold basically the
same plotter as three models:

HP 7220 - RS-232 serial, compact binary language
HP 7221 - RS-232 serial, HP-GL, same hardware as 7220 but with different ROMS
HP 9872 - IEEE-488 (HP-IB), HP-GL

Different letter suffixes denoted the generation of the plotter, and whether
it had the roll feed (e.g., 9872 A/B/C without, and 9872 S/T with). Early
generations had four pen stalls, and later ones had eight.

Note that these were the first HP-GL plotters, and the language evolved
some minor differences that prevent some modern software from working with
them. I built my own serial-to-488 box to use with mine, and my firmware
tweaks the HP-GL when necessary.

"Richard Erlacher" <edick_at_idcomm.com> wrote:
> God be thanked, it's not at all like that miserable piece of junk! If id
> hadn't said HP on it, nobody with more than two grey cells would have taken
> one home.

I can't believe you'd say that about this series of plotters, which were
very well-engineered and solidly built flatbed plotters. Are you
sure you're not thinking about the 7225, or the much later "consumer"
grit-wheel plotters such as the 7470 and 7475?
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