Best CP/M machine?

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Date: Thu Sep 2 09:06:15 1999

> My favourite was the old Xerox 820-II, with the high keyboard and 8inch
> drives. It runs Dbase and WordStar with great dignity. I know there are

Another good machine.

I have a visual1050, IT's interesting as it was one of the CPM3 machines
with integral video and detached keyboard like a PC, mono video with
graphics was handled by a 6502 and the main cpu was z80. It was
particulary nice as it has a SASI-adaptek-MFM hard disk and the floppies
were an odd 96tpi 380k format, but they read RX50s.

The laptop Epson PX-8 is a fair cpm machine as well. Small too.

Others I have as examples:

        Micromint SB180 w/SCSI option
        AmproLB (it is!)
        DECMATEIII with z80 APU
        DEC Vt180

apps/lang/tools I have for those and more listed mostly to show a partial
list of what was/is available.

        Turbo Pascal, C
        MIX C
        MS Bascom and basic
        UCSD Psystem
        BDS C
        (BASICs about 10-12 of them at last count)
        DRI PLM
        MS fortran
        Assemblers 8080/8085/z80 (asm, zasm, ZAS, asmz...)
        Xasms for 6800, 1802, 6502, NEC7800, 8051, 8048,
        Editors (too many!)
        File and print tools fancyfont and Runoff plus others.
        Most of the Adventure game (Zork, ADvent, millionair...)
        Comm programs (modem7, MEX, COMM, Microcom...)
        Disk format translation tools (many!)
        CPM upgrades (ZCPR, ZCCP, P2DOS, ZCPM, CONIX)
        Various business packages (accounting, inventory GL)

And the CPM Cdrom.

What makes most of these special to me is amny are available as sources
as well (CPM too!).

Most of these are available at the varions archive sites for free!

Also some of XT class PCs with NEC V20 were CPM80 candidate machines as
the V20 has 8080 emulation on chip.
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