Speaking of CP/M... (Re: Best CP/M machine?)

From: Bo Zimmerman <bo_at_zimmers.net>
Date: Thu Sep 2 09:25:00 1999

Awsome. How would one go about getting a copy of that compiler today, do ya
think? I have Commodore 128 myself and could use a nice C compiler.

        - Bo

> While we're on the subject, I'd just like to mention that I have
> an original copy of the CP/M-80 version of the MIX C compiler. 5 1/4
> floppies in some Kaypro format. Book too. I bought it about eight years
> ago directly from Mix to run on my Commodore 128. At first they said they
> had no more books but when I sounded really sad, they offered me one with
> a "slightly creased" cover (turned out to be quite near perfect, actually)
> I think it was $29.95 + shipping. I bought it because I was
> taking a c programming class in college and refused to use peecees back
> then because I thought the architecture was too crass to bother with an
> upgrade.
> PS. I'm still M$ free, BTW, but I sold out about three years ago and now
> use commodity hardware w/FreeBSD in addition to my pdp11s running 2BSD
> jake
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