2BSD on PDP-11 (was Re: Speaking of CP/M... (Re: Best CP/M machine?))

From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Sep 2 15:22:19 1999

--- Jeffrey l Kaneko <jeff.kaneko_at_juno.com> wrote:
> Jake:
> On Thu, 2 Sep 1999 01:31:26 -0400 (EDT) Jacob Ritorto <jritorto_at_nut.net>
> writes:
> > PS. I'm still M$ free, BTW, but I sold out about three years ago and
> > now use commodity hardware w/FreeBSD in addition to my pdp11s running
> > 2BSD
> You've aroused my interest with this. You run *BSD in a PDP-11? WHich
> model PDP do you have that does this?

Five years ago I was running 2.9BSD on an *emulated* PDP-11 on my SPARC1. I
would refer you to the BSD web pages for a hardware compatibility list, but
for smaller PDP's (11/24, 11/34, etc.), they can run 2.9BSD. Things like
MSCP (SCSI, SDI, etc.) weren't added until later versions of 2BSD, but to
run _them_, you need an 11/44 or 11/73 or the like.

> I have a lead on an 11/73 I can probably get for next to nothing (with a SCSI
> HD controller!).

Go join PUPS (The PDP-11 UNIX Preservation Society). You can get a $100
license for 2BSD and then go get 2.11BSD for your 11/73.


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