Speaking of 11/73s

From: Daniel T. Burrows <danburrows_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Thu Sep 2 17:16:00 1999

>smarts to use this, or is it a wholly-hardware-incarnated thing? I notice
>my '73 lagging a bit on memory-intensive stuff.

> I'm curious about that too. Does anyone know if the 11/53 cpu board supports
>PMI as well?
> -Dave McGuire

Sorry no such luck an the 11/53 that I am aware of. To install PMI with an 83
the memory goes first on the bus then the CPU. For Qbus systems you need the
MSV11-JD or JE. You can't use the MSV11-JB or JC. They can only be used on
11/84 machines.

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