16-sector disks?

From: Doug Coward <mranalog_at_home.com>
Date: Fri Sep 3 11:36:18 1999

Doug Spence said:
> >The 5 1/4" disks were used on, among others, the Vector Graphic
> >S-100 computers.
> OK, so at least the media wasn't specially produced for AES. :)

 A few years ago I picked up a large quantity of 16 sector disks
and I was begining to think that I would never find a machine
that needed them.
 Then I found this FDS-100 Minifile made by G.U.C. Products.
This is a micro based floppy subsystem with a single drive,
keypad and RS-232 interface (it was also available with 488,
8 bit parallel, or PDP-11 interface) You just open a blank
file with the keypad, then dump data to the FDS-100 through
the serial port and then close the file with the keypad. And
loading afile is just that easy too.
 Anyway, mine is double sided, uses a Shugard 450 drive, and
stores 178,560 bytes net on 16 sector disks.
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