non-binary computers?

From: Charles P. Hobbs <>
Date: Fri Sep 3 19:12:29 1999

On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Tom Owad wrote:

> I recall reading an article a while back about the possibility of
> building computers based on a number system other than two (octal, IIRC).
> If memory serves me right, it was found possible to do, but not
> practical and less efficient than binary.
> I now have need for some basic information on the possibility of
> non-binary computers, but am unable to find anything. Can anybody point
> me in the direction of some info?

In one of his "Never Say Die" columns, Wayne Green (73 Magazine)
theorized about "trigital" computers and data transmission schemes, amid
other ruminations . . .

I think his idea was more along the lines of data transmission: instead
of having digital bits of just 1 and 0, you could have "trigital" bits of
0, 1 or 2. So, for example the binary number 1001101 (7 bits) could be
sent, in trigital, as 2212 (4 bits), theoretically saving bandwidth.
(Whether it actually *would* or not, I'll leave to the theorists)
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