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Date: Sat Sep 4 11:17:42 1999

>>> > RLV112
>>> DLV11 clone, again.
>>>From the number I'd have thought of something that emulated a DEC RLV12
>>-- an RL0x controller for Q-bus.
>I was rather hoping it was a RLV12 clone instead of a RLV11 clone, since I
>need a second RL0x controller that will work in a 22-Bit system.

If it *is* a "RLV12 clone", it doesn't hook to s standard RL01/RL02 drive;
it would make a MFM (or SASI or SMD or ...) drive look like a RL01 or
RL02 to the system.

If you can describe the card more fully (connectors? Big chips?) we'll
do a better job of telling you exactly what it is. Sigma had the habit
of starting many (not all!) of their clone-cards with R's (most of the
others are S's), thus the confusion between RLV11 and DLV11.

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