MicroVAX 3

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Sun Sep 5 16:53:39 1999

>I've got a KA650 and RAM boards thanks to my last haul, I believe it's the
>kind they sold to upgrade a MicroVAX II to a MicroVAX III. Anyway I'm
>wondering if they needed their own Cab Kit, or can use the MV2 Cab Kit.
>I pulled the board set out of the BA123, and swapped it with a MV2 board
>set in a Sigma Rack mount chassis, unfortunatly the system seems to be
>having problems. Another thought would be the RQDX3 revision as I didn't
>swap them.

OK, I'll be bad and reply to my own message. Just booted the system, the
problem is the TK50 controller. So, now I'm wondering if the version of
the ROMs on the TQK50 makes any difference.

Gonna be a bit of a pain if I've got to downgrade the system to a MV2 if I
want to put a modern version of VMS on it.

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