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Date: Sun Sep 5 22:34:04 1999

royston hill wrote:
> >
> > Hi ,can you assist .we have a old 386 with a conner 80 meg HD .We
> needed
> > to clean same and used the zero fill from disk manager on boot up. we
> > got message NO ROM BASIC >SYSTEM HALTED we cannot find anything on
> this
> > error message.or what we did wrong ?????? regards from africa ROY

Umm, perhaps I missed part of this thread, but the procedure is fairly simple
. . .

NO ROM BASIC means "no bootable operating system found."

1) Boot from a floppy which also has fdisk.exe and on it.
2) After boot, run fdisk and DELETE any existing partitions.
3) Create a new, single partition which utilizes the entire drive and answer
YES when asked if you want to make the partition active.
4) Exit fdisk.
5) Reboot from the floppy drive.
6) Execute the command FORMAT C: /S
7) Remove the disk from the floppy drive.
8) Reboot, and you should get a C: prompt. If not, check for viruses and try
9) If still no success, make sure the drive is properly configured (as
"master" or "single drive" depending on your configuration). Also make sure
that the CHS values have been properly entered into your system BIOS.
10) If still no success, try a different drive.


Glen Goodwin
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