Never Mind: MicroVAX 3

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Date: Mon Sep 6 05:45:43 1999

>I solved my problem. Moved the TQK50 to the next row after the RQDX3,
>instead of beside it and it works fine. Don't quite understand that, since
>I'm positive I had the RQDX3 and TQK50 in the exact same spot with the
>KA650 board set as they'd been with the KA630 board set, and I saw it
>working in that config.
>Does a system care if you've got a grant continuity board in a spot that
>you shouldn't have a board? It seems to me that it should.

Again, you aren't really giving us enough details (What backplane slots?
Which backplane? Your previous message mentioned both a BA123 and
a Sigma box, but I couldn't figure out which one you were trying to
use the boards in. What else is in the system? What exactly was the problem?
In your previous message you said "the problem was the TK50 controller", but
I still haven't a clue what the symptoms were!) to answer your question, but
if you draw out the arrangement of cards both "before" and "after" I'll
take a shot!

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